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Pure Health unveils Red Raspberry Ketone supplement

PBR Staff Writer Published 23 March 2012

Pure Health, a US-based provider of superfruit supplements, has launched a new 100% pure Red Raspberry Ketone capsule supplement at

Each 400mg vegetarian capsule contains only fresh Red Raspberry Ketones with no added preservatives, fillers and binders, the company said.

Ketones are an all-natural phenolic compound that helps to prevent elevations in body weight and works to naturally stimulate the body's digestive process by supporting the breakdown of fats and foods.

In addition to weight loss and control, Ketones are also thought to help the body cleanse and detoxify by eliminating excess toxins in the body.

Recent studies from the Nutrition & Functional food Research Team at the Korea Food & Drug Administration showed that Raspberry Ketones work by supporting lipolysis and thermogenesis.