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Meda Pharma introduces 5ml nasal spray Rhinolast Allergy

PBR Staff Writer Published 04 May 2011

Meda Pharmaceuticals has introduced 5ml nasal spray Rhinolast Allergy as an over-the-counter therapy to help children from the age of five tackle their hayfever misery.

Rhinolast Allergy is a non-steroid treatment and is suitable for children from as young as five years old.

Meda Pharma claims Rhinolast Allergy targets the symptoms of red, swollen and itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing within minutes and can be used by children for up to four weeks without a doctor's intervention.

It contains the active ingredient azelastine which is more than just a simple anti-histamine.

It is the only anti-histamine with a triple mode of action, thus treating the disease and not just the symptoms.