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Vapotherm Inc

Vapotherm Inc
Suite 1
22 Industrial Drive
United States of America
Phone: 1 603 6580011
Fax: 16-03-6580181

Company Overview

Top Competitors

Key Employees

James W. Liken

Chairman, Executive Board

Joe Army

Chief Executive Officer, President, Director, Executive Board

Michael Ward

Director, Non Executive Board

Tony Arnerich

Director, Non Executive Board

Craig Reynolds

Director, Non Executive Board

J. Neal Armstrong

Director, Non Executive Board

Jason Lettmann

Director, Non Executive Board

Geoff Pardo

Director, Non Executive Board

John Landry

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Senior Management

Greg Ramade

Vice President - International Sales, Senior Management

Mike Webb

Vice President - Research & Development, Senior Management

Som Kovvuri

Vice President - Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance, Senior Management

Lindsay Becker

Director - Human Resources , Senior Management

Lise Halpern

Vice President - Marketing & Clinicals, Senior Management

George Dungan

Vice President - Innovation, Senior Management

John Coolidge

Vice President - Operations, Senior Management

Buck Weller

Vice President - U.S. Sales, Senior Management


Suite 1,
22 Industrial Drive,
New Hampshire,
United States of America
Phone: 1 603 6580011
Fax: 1 603 6580181



  • Water Jacket Delivery Tube
  • Single Patient Use Circuit
  • Vapotherm Aerosol Adapter
  • Precision Flow Roll Stand
  • Medical-Grade Vapor
  • Disposable Patient Circuit
  • Nitric Oxide Disposable Patient Circuit
  • Nasal Cannulas
  • Tracheostomy Adapter
  • Aerogen Adapter
  • Vapotherm Transfer Unit