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FIT Biotech Oy

FIT Biotech Oy
Biokatu 12
Phone: 358 3 31387000

Turnover: 00.00 (US$m)
Financial year end: December

Company Overview

Top Competitors

Key Employees

Rabbe Slatis

Chairman, Executive Board

Eero Rautalahti

Director, Non Executive Board

Chitra Bharucha

Director, Non Executive Board

Anne-Maria Salonius

Director, Non Executive Board

Juhani Pitkakoski

Director, Non Executive Board

Erkki Pekkarinen

Chief Executive Officer, Senior Management

Kaisa Kokkonen

Interim Chief Financial Officer , Senior Management

Santeri Kiviluoto, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer, Vice President, Senior Management

Matti Lahde

Vice President - Production and Tampere Operations, Senior Management

Jussi Seitsonen

Vice President - Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Senior Management

Kalevi Reijonen

Chief Medical Officer, Senior Vice President, Senior Management

Liisa Laitinen

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Country Manager , Senior Management


Biokatu 12,
Phone: 358 3 31387000



  • Gene Transport Technology Products
  • DNA Based Products
  • Recombinant Proteins
  • Diagnostic Products
  • Tuberculosis Vaccine


  • Development of Artificial Immunogens and Antibody Technologies