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Exact Sciences Corp

Exact Sciences Corp
441 Charmany Drive
United States of America
Phone: 1 608 2845700
Fax: 16-08-2845701

No. employees: 736
Turnover: 99.38 (US$m)
Financial year end: December

Company Overview

Top Competitors

Key Employees

Kevin T. Conroy

Chief Executive Officer, Chairman, President, Executive Board

Maneesh K. Arora

Chief Operating Officer, Director, Senior Vice President, Executive Board

Thomas D. Carey

Director, Non Executive Board

David A. Thompson

Director, Non Executive Board

Daniel J. Levangie

Director, Non Executive Board

Lionel N. Sterling

Director, Non Executive Board

Michael S. Wygza

Director, Non Executive Board

John A. Fallon, M.D.

Director, Non Executive Board

James E. Doyle

Director, Non Executive Board

Katherine S. Zanotti

Director, Non Executive Board

Graham P. Lidgard, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer, Senior Management

Scott Coward

Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary, Senior Management

Sarah Condella

Vice President - Human Resources, Senior Management

Barry Berger

Chief Medical Officer - Medical Affairs, Senior Management

Sandra Statz

Vice President - Clinical and Regulatory, Senior Management

Ana Hooker

Senior Vice President - Operations, Senior Management

Tim Caprez

Chief Compliance Counsel, Vice President, Senior Management

Diane Johnson

Vice President - Market Access & Reimbursement, Senior Management

Mike Domanico

Vice President - Product Development, Senior Management

Diane Rogers

Vice President - Sales, Senior Management

Tammy Turek-Etienne

Vice President - Operations, Senior Management

Gary Frings

Chief Information Officer, Senior Management

James Light

Vice President - Systems Development, Senior Management

Wayne Taylor

Vice President, Head - Europe and Middle East, Senior Management

Jeffrey T. Elliott

Chief Financial Officer, Senior Management

Lorenz Muller

Vice President - Marketing, Senior Management

Kevin Parker

Vice President - Commercial Operations, Senior Management


441 Charmany Drive,
United States of America
Phone: 1 608 2845700
Fax: 1 608 2845701

Beijing Exact Sciences Medical Technology Company Ltd


Exact Sciences Europe Ltd

5th Floor,
One New Change,
Greater London,
United Kingdom

Armune BioScience Inc

Suite 500 ,
350 East Michigan Avenue,
United States of America
Fax: 1 269 3498993

Exact Sciences Finance Corp

United States of America

Exact Sciences Laboratories LLC

United States of America



  • Product:
  • Technology:
  • Cologuard Test - Non-Invasive Stool-Based DNA (sDNA) Screening Test