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DexCom Inc

DexCom Inc
6340 Sequence Drive
San Diego
United States of America
Phone: 1 8582000200
Fax: 13-02-6555049

No. employees: 1,900
Turnover: 573.30 (US$m)
Financial year end: December

Company Overview

Top Competitors

Key Employees

Kevin Sayer

Director, President, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Board

Terrance H. Gregg

Chairman, Executive Board

Eric Topol, M.D.

Director, Non Executive Board

Barbara E. Kahn

Director, Non Executive Board

Jay S. Skyler, M.D.

Director, Non Executive Board

Steven R. Altman

Director, Non Executive Board

Mark G. Foletta

Director, Non Executive Board

Nick Augustinos

Director, Non Executive Board

Richard Collins

Director, Non Executive Board

Andrew K. Balo

Executive Vice President - Clinical, Regulatory and Quality, Senior Management

Jeffrey C. Moy

Senior Vice President - Operations, Senior Management

Steven R. Pacelli

Executive Vice President - Strategy and Corporate Development, Senior Management

Rick Doubleday

Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer, Senior Management

Annika Jimenez

Executive Vice President - Data, Senior Management

Jacob Leach

Senior Vice President - Research and Development, Senior Management


6340 Sequence Drive,
San Diego,
United States of America
Phone: 1 8582000200
Fax: 1 302 6555049

Dxcm Sweden AB

Scheelevagen 17,
Beta 6,

SweetSpot Diabetes Care, Inc.

919 SW Taylor Street,
Suite 500,
United States of America
Phone: 1 503 2275272



  • Ambulatory Product Line:
  • DexCom G4
  • DexCom G4 PLATINUM
  • DexCom Share System
  • DexCom G5 Mobile
  • In-Hospital Product:
  • GlucoClear In-Vivo Automated Glucose Monitoring System


  • Support
  • Training