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AxoGen Inc

AxoGen Inc
Suite 400
13631 Progress Boulevard
United States of America
Phone: 1 386 4626817
Fax: 13-86-4626801

No. employees: 199
Turnover: 60.43 (US$m)
Financial year end: December

Company Overview

Top Competitors

Key Employees

Karen Zaderej

Director, Chief Executive Officer, President, Executive Board

Gregory G. Freitag

Director, Senior Vice President - Business Development, General Counsel, Executive Board

Jamie M. Grooms

Chairman, Executive Board

Mark Gold, MD

Director, Non Executive Board

Guido J. Neels

Director, Non Executive Board

Robert J. Rudelius

Director, Non Executive Board

Amy Wendell

Director, Non Executive Board

David Hansen

Vice President - Finance , Treasurer, Senior Management

Mark Friedman, Ph.D.

Vice President - Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance, Senior Management

Shawn McCarrey

Senior Vice President - Sales , Senior Management

Erick DeVinney

Vice President - Clinical and Translational Sciences, Senior Management

Mike Donovan

Vice President - Operations, Senior Management

Peter J. Mariani

Chief Financial Officer, Senior Management

Kevin Leach

Vice President - Marketing, Senior Management

Jon S. Gingrich

Chief Commercial Officer, Senior Management

Kaila Krum

Vice President - Investor Relations, Corporate Development, Senior Management


Suite 400,
13631 Progress Boulevard ,
United States of America
Phone: 1 386 4626817
Fax: 1 386 4626801

Suite A3,
300 Boone Road,
United States of America

AxoGen Corporation

United States of America



  • Avance Nerve Graft
  • AxoGuard Nerve Protector
  • AxoGuard Nerve Connector
  • AxoTouch Two-Point Discriminator
  • AcroVal NSTMS


  • Clinical Research Services