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Molecular Devices

Basic Life Science and Drug Discovery Research

December 5, 2010

Launch of New MetaMorph® Software from Molecular Devices Streamlines Imaging Workflow to Ensure Ease of Use and Increase Customer Efficiency

Molecular Devices, Inc., the prominent source of powerful software for the bioresearch imaging industry, today announced the launch of the...
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Molecular Devices

Understanding your laboratory workflow is Molecular Devices' top priority, and we direct our product development efforts toward solving your unique issues.

At Molecular Devices (MD), we have one focus: Our customers. Whether a long-time user, recent adopter, or prospective customer; your needs fuel our actions, and your success is our concern.

Bioanalytical instruments, software and assay kits

To that end, we hire creative, best-in-class people to design, manufacture, and commercialise bioanalytical instruments, software, and assay kits as well as provide you with dedicated follow-on technical and applications support.

Detect biology, decode data, and drive discovery

Our instruments offer a full spectrum of detection technologies and meet all throughput needs – from dedicated, single-readout instruments to automated, multi-detection platforms. Our goal is to deliver highly relevant bioanalytical products to help you detect biology, decode data, and drive discovery.

With corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley, CA, US and regional offices throughout the world; we support and enrich efforts of the international BioResearch, BioPharma, BioTesting, and Molecular Devices user communities.

Our Key Applications

  • Screening
  • Stem cells
  • Ion channels
  • G-Protein coupled receptors (GPCRs)
  • Cellular pathway analysis
  • Vaccine development


1311 Orleans Drive
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Tel: 408-747-1700

Automated Patch Clamp / Automated Electrophysiology

Our IonWorks® and PatchXpress® Automated Electrophysiology Systems are used globally to drive drug discovery & development, particularly discovery and screening programs focused on ligand- (including rapidly-desensitising) and voltage-gated ion channels. We launched the first commercially-available automated electrophysiology system – the OpusXpress System – and have continued to deliver unique technologies that enable researchers to leverage the value of direct electrophysiological assays for their discovery research and screening assays.

In addition, ion channel activity can be evaluated to predict potential safety concerns early in the drug discovery process. For example, by using our automated electrophysiology systems, researchers can conduct hERG channel assays to identify potential cardiac safety concerns before expensive toxicology studies are begun. Visit our main website to learn more.

CellKey Label-Free Analysis Systems

The CellKey® System leverages a unique impedance-based technology to determine impedence profiles that provide detailed information about the activities of cellular pathways. The system is ideal for GPCR and ion channel drug discovery programs from target identification and validation to lead optimisation. In particular, this system is invaluable for researchers interested in deciphering Gi/Go pathways.

The use of labels in traditional drug discovery screening assays has been shown to cause undesirable and unanticipated interactions that can compromise screening data and lead to false conclusions. Additionally, labeled technologies typically require the use of genetically modified cell lines which can alter cellular behavior. Alternatively, label-free detection is a highly sensitive method of measurement…

Conventional Patch Clamp / Conventional Electrophysiology

Under our Axon brand, we leverage more than 25 years of engineering and scientific expertise to deliver best-in-class microelectrode amplifiers, digital data recorders, electroporation systems, and data acquisition and analysis software to support basic life science research focused on the role of ion channels in a variety of normal and abnormal processes.

Axon products are distinguished by their innovative design and exceptional quality and provide scientists with ready-to-use, technologically-advanced conventional patch clamp equipment to support an ever increasing array of research applications, including those focused on cell pathways, neurological, muscular, and gastrointestinal diseases, learning and memory, and many more. Visit our main website to learn more.

FLIPR Cellular Screening Systems

The FLIPR® Tetra System is a high throughput screening system for real-time kinetic cellular assays. It has been optimized for use with both fluorescent and luminescent assays, including aequorin for GPCRs and ion channel screening. Molecular Devices also offers a large number of FLIPR Assay Kits for calcium mobilisation and membrane potential analyses that further support GPCR and ion channel discovery research and screening programs.

Abnormal function, expression, and regulation of GPCRs and ion channels have been implicated in many diseases, including mental health disorders; diseases of the endocrine, cardiovascular, and central nervous systems; allergy; obesity; cancer; and many more. To discover new therapeutics for these diseases, pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers used to rely on radioisotope receptor binding assays and…

GenePix Microarray Scanners & Slide Loaders

GenePix Microarray Scanners accommodate any slide-based microarray analysis, from small one- or two-fluorescent applications to multiple-fluorescent, high throughput studies. When combined with GenePix Pro Data Acquisition and Analysis and Acuity Informatics Software, these scanners offer a complete solution for research focused on functional biology, genomics, genetics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and comparative genomic hybridisation (CGH).

Microarray technology has greatly contributed to research in many areas including functional biology, genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics, both in plants and animals. Researchers worldwide continue to refine this technology with their ideas for novel applications. GenePix® Microarray Scanners help these ideas come to fruition. The scanners have the ideal balance of powerful and flexible features…

High Content Screening & Live Cell Imaging

High content screening is a powerful, automated cell biology method that enables researchers to collect and view data at the cellular and sub-cellular level. Originally developed as a complementary technology to traditional high throughput screening, today high content screening reaches into a much broader area of life science research as an unbiased method of imaging multiple cellular samples, multiplexing, and identifying and detecting "biosignatures."

Our ImageXpress High Content Screening Systems and MetaXpress and AcuityXpress High Content Analysis Software Packages deliver top-of-the-line optical performance and precision to support a wide range of applications in drug discovery and basic life science research. In particular, High Content Imaging Systems and Software are ideal for the study of stem cells, RNAi, and cellular…

Ion Channel, GPCR, Transporter and Enzyme Assay Kits

We offer a broad range of bioanalytical assay kits that enable researchers to study molecular function and pathway analysis, particularly efforts focused on calcium mobilisation, ion channel activity and function, GPCR biology, and transporter function. In addition, researchers can leverage our assay kits to measure contamination levels in food and water, detect host cell DNA introduced during the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process, and assess kinase, phosphatase, and phosphodiesterase enzyme activity.

GPCR assays, G-protein coupled receptor assaysAbnormal function, expression, and regulation of G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) have been implicated in many diseases. Molecular Devices provides a number of assay kits to support GPCR life science and drug discovery research, including assays that monitor the accumulation of a second messenger, such as cAMP/cGMP, calcium, or beta-arrestin, in response…

Microplate Readers, Washers & Handlers

With almost 20 different models of single- and multi-mode microplate readers as well as microplate washers and handlers, industry-leading SoftMax Pro Data Analysis Software, and a suite of validation and compliance tools; we can meet all throughput, content, budget, and multiplexing needs of researchers who conduct microplate-based analyses.

Researchers around the world rely on our products for microplate analysis for disease research, compound investigation, assay development, bioassay validation, quality assurance/quality control, biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Visit our main website to learn more.

Research Imaging

Our industry-leading MetaMorph® Imaging Acquisition and Analysis Software Suite supports a vast array of microscopes, cameras, and precision stages for researchers who investigate the cellular and biochemical processes underlying cellular function. The extensive suite of software provides acquisition, processing, and analysis features that allow researchers to build custom cellular imaging systems for solving novel experimental problems in cell biology.

Over the past 30 years, tremendous advances in imaging technology have provided researchers with the means to acquire and analyse detailed images of biological specimens. Imaging is now an essential tool for the researcher who investigates the cellular and biochemical processes underlying cellular function. From the simple analysis of fluorescent intensity to the more sophisticated…

Threshold Contaminant Detection System

The Threshold® System is a dedicated platform that offers two contaminant detection assays: the Threshold Immunoligand Assay (ILA) which measures a broad range of analytes such as proteins, peptides, and microorganisms for biopharmaceutical development and production and the Threshold Total DNA Assay which quantitatively measures picograms of single-stranded DNA with broad sequence specificity. This is an entirely unique system, delivering one of the best methods available to detect contaminants in biological samples and products.

Contamination detection assays can be used in a broad range of applications to measure contamination in a variety of sample content from fermentation supernatants and purification processes to biochemical preparations such as serum and other bodily fluids. Contamination detection assays also measure the presence of host cell DNA as well as other DNA that might…
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