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Integrated Drug Development Solutions



Almac is a group of established businesses at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry. It is recognised as a global knowledge-based leader for the research, development and delivery of pharmaceutical services.

The company provides a large range of integrated contract pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services that range from research through to full commercialisation.


Almac Group’s services include:

•   Diagnostics and pre-clinical biomarker discovery through to full companion diagnostic development and clinical test delivery from Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) lab

•   Active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) services and chemical development for all stages of drug development, including small molecules, potent and cytotoxic compounds and peptides

•   Pharmaceutical development for optimising clinical candidates and manufacturing drug product for all phases of clinical trial supply

•   Analytical services delivering comprehensive solutions supporting drug substance and product development programmes

•   Clinical services such as designing and providing blinding, packaging and logistics services for global clinical trials; incorporating leading technologies; and efficient solutions through experienced supply chain management

•   Clinical technologies providing randomisation and trial supply management, electronic clinical outcome assessments (eCOA), patient alerts and reminders, data integration and biostatistical consulting services

•   Commercial services providing commercial manufacturing and packaging solutions and supporting commercial product launch

Almac Group has experience in all phases of development, including:

•   Pre-clinical

•   Phase I

•   Phase II

•   Phase III

•   Phase IV

•   Commercial

•   Non-Commercial


Global reach with local expertise

Almac Group is an international company that is privately owned and has organically grown for more than 40 years, employing in excess of 4,500 highly skilled personnel.

The company is headquartered in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, and has operations in Ireland, the US (Pennsylvania, North Carolina and California) and in Asia (Singapore and Japan). Almac Group’s global employee base ensures all projects are handled as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Almac combines global reach with local expertise to provide expert, innovative and high-quality service to more than 600 pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide. With 60 depots around the world including China, India, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and Canada, Almac Group also offers expert global distribution capabilities.

Diverse customer base

Almac Group understands each individual client’s needs are unique and prides itself on adapting its services.

The Group partners with a diverse customer base, including pharmaceutical, biotech, contract research organisations (CRO), academia and virtual organisations guaranteeing the stability of the company and building greater expertise and experience.

In addition, it possesses a wealth of experience across all therapeutic areas, including oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, pulmonary and respiratory diseases, gastroenterology, central nervous system and neurology.

Financial stability

Almac Group is a financially stable company with no venture capital investment and is committed to the long term development and growth of the organisation. All profit is reinvested into the business to continually improve its innovation, technology, capabilities and people. Group turnover is currently $½ billion and is experience consistent growth year on year.


The Almac Group’s vision clearly positions the organisation within the industry, aiming to be a leader in the generation of superior solutions for the advancement of human health.

Core values

The company’s core values define Almac’s fundamental set of principles and beliefs, focusing on:

•Outstanding quality

•   Inspirational people

•   Superlative customer focus

•   Exceptional innovation

•   Sustainable financial performance


UK (Global Headquarters)
Almac House
20 Seagoe Industrial Estate
BT63 5QD
United Kingdom
T: +44 (0) 28 3833 2200
F: +44 (0) 28 3833 2299

API Services & Chemical Development

Almac provides services for all stages of drug development for small molecules, potent and cytotoxic compounds, and peptides.

Their services include API supply, drug product development, stable and radiolabelling, solid state services and biocatalysis. Almac also offer rapidd™, a lean, efficient, integrated package from selection of pre-clinical candidate to Phase I regulatory submission.For more information please follow the link: API Services & Chemical Development

API Services & Chemical Development

Almac specialises in chemical development, API supply (both small molecules and peptides) and biocatalysis technology. Based in both the UK and US with state-of-the-art facilities it also offers a “First In Human” program - rapidd™, a lean, efficient, integrated package from selection of pre-clinical candidate to Phase I regulatory submission.

API Development and ManufactureAlmac's strength in API development and manufacture is proven by being the partner of choice for many pharma and biotech companies seeking integrated drug development solutions from molecule to market. BiocatalysisAlmac has cultivated considerable biocatalysis expertise and offers a range of services including enzyme screening panels, process development and scale-up, fermentation and…

Biomarker Discovery & Development

Almac provide a wide range of biomarker solutions ranging from pre-clinical biomarker discovery, through to biomarker trial management, full companion diagnostic development and clinical test delivery from our CLIA laboratory.

We have a portfolio of proprietary discovery arrays and extensive experience and expertise working with formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue.Please follow this link for further information: Biomarker Discovery & Development

Clinical Services

Almac designs and provides blinding, packaging and logistics services for global clinical trials, incorporating leading technologies and efficient solutions through the most experienced supply chain management in the marketplace.

Commercial Drug ProcurementAlmac provides an end-to-end global commercial drug procurement service (including comparators) and has experience across all major clinical trial markets, product types and assurance of supply. With vast experience in this area, as well as a reliable network of quality suppliers and wholesalers, Almac has successfully sourced comparator products across all clinical markets,…

Clinical Technologies

Almac has been a leader in providing Interactive Voice and Web Response technologies since 1995.

Through their industry-leading IXRS®2.0 integrated IVR / IWR technology, they offer flexible solutions for patient enrolment, screening, randomisation, drug assignment, inventory management, patient compliance, electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes, and adaptive trials. Almac's experienced teams help clients streamline R&D, maximise site workflows and improve overall trial management.For more information follow the link: Clinical Technologies

Clinical Technologies

Almac specialises in technology and professional services that minimise clinical trial processes and legacy workflows while maximising staff productivity. Offerings include the industry's most configurable interactive voice and web response system (IXRS®) for patient randomisation and inventory management; phone and web-based patient diaries (ePRO), and expert statistical and data integration consulting.

IXRS® - Patient and Trial Supply Management TechnologyAlmac's IXRS® (Interactive Response Technology) is the market-leading solution for Patient Randomisation and Trial Supply Management - with over 2,000 clinical trials successfully managed and utilised at over 130,000 sites globally. Clinical Integrated ServicesAlmac provides unified distribution and supply strategies to manage and track the full life cycle…

Clinical Trial Supply

psn is experienced in the handling of clinical trials supplies in all countries covered. In particular, psn has developed a special department which holds a GMP authorization issued by the Danish Medicines Agency for import, stock, randomization, labelling, repackaging and distribution of clinical trials supplies.Our clinical trial supply department has developed a tracking system, which…

Commercial Services

Ensuring a simple technology transfer process, Almac offer integrated commercial services for all drug products from API supply, manufacturing, testing and packaging to end-user distribution.

Specialising in the manufacture and primary packaging of solid oral dosage forms and with a wide range of packaging technologies they also provide customised secondary labelling and packaging for biopharmaceutical products. Integrating EU import testing, packaging, QP release and distribution, Almac can assist non-European companies launch orphan drug or niche products into the European marketplace.For…

Commercial Services

Through its Pharma Services Business Unit Almac provides commercial manufacturing and packaging of solid dosage forms in addition to commercial support services and 3PL (third party logistics) which incorporates the management of ordering, financial and distribution. In addition, it offers significant expertise managing the supply and distribution of product into the EU marketplace on behalf of US based companies.

Commercial Drug Product ManufactureAlmac has 40 years' experience in manufacturing solid, oral dosage forms. Scaling up from development services to full scale commercial supply or transferring existing commercial products Almac can meet all commercial manufacturing requirements.Almac's range of commercial scale dry blending and wet granulation technology supports the manufacture of tablets, capsules and powders. With…

Diagnostics & Biomarker Discovery

Almac is uniquely placed to lead clients through the entire process of companion diagnostic development. Its Diagnostics’ Business Unit provides solutions ranging from pre-clinical biomarker discovery, through to full companion diagnostic development.

Companion Diagnostic (CDx) Development and Commercialisation Almac offers a comprehensive service for companion diagnostic developments supporting the Pharma industry from discovery right through to commercialisation. It also has specific expertise and experience in the development of multiplex companion diagnostics.CLIA Assay DevelopmentAlmac has extensive expertise in the development of CLIA validated clinical assays both in terms…

Pharmaceutical Development

Almac’s team of highly skilled scientists can develop your clinical candidate into an optimum formulation, and manufacture drug product for all phases of clinical trial supply (Phase 0 – IV). With bespoke, in-house engineered containment solutions, we can develop and manufacture batches of solid, oral dose drug product containing potent API to an Operator Exposure Level (OEL) of 0.03 µg/m3.

For more information please follow the link: Pharmaceutical Development

Pharmaceutical Development

Operating from state-of-the-art, custom-designed facilities, Almac develops clinical candidates into an optimum formulation, and manufactures drug product for all phases of clinical trial supply (Phase 0 – Phase IV). In-house engineered containment solutions also allow for the development and manufacture of highly potent products.

Pharmaceutical Development - Early PhaseAlmac's formulation scientists have many years' experience in developing a range of oral dose formulations for early stage clinical trials. With both non-GMP and GMP facilities, they can provide flexible and efficient solutions to develop a fit for purpose formulation for early phase/First-in-Human supplies. For early phase First-in-Human (FIH) supplies Almac…
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RCSI and Almac Discovery Enter Research Collaboration to Target Therapy-Resistant Cancer Tumours

Research has potential to improve 20 per cent survival rate in ovarian cancer
13th February 2017

Almac Group Expands Commercial Capabilities to Meet Industry Demand for Paediatric Formulations

Almac Group, the global contract development and manufacturing organisation, is pleased to announce that it has expanded its MHRA/FDA approved...
14th November 2016

Almac Group Expands Commercial Capabilities to Meet Industry Demand for Paediatric Formulations

Almac Group, the global contract development and manufacturing organisation, is pleased to announce that it has expanded its MHRA/FDA approved...
13th November 2016

Almac Group Announce £27 million Global Expansion

Almac Group, the global contract pharmaceutical development and manufacturing organisation is excited to announce ambitious plans to expand its operations...
9th November 2016

Almac Group Supports Amicus Therapeutics’ Commercial Orphan Drug Product

Almac Group's Integrated Development to Commercialisation Services Support Amicus Therapeutics' First Commercial Orphan Drug Product.
10th August 2016
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