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Comparator Software and Systems

DVS Quality Solutions Limited

The Comparator solutions that DVS offers assists clients in securing their packaging workflow from regulatory text to finished printed material at incoming quality control.

Text Verification Tool

TVT is an extremely functional software that allows the comparison of text between documents which should contain the same text but in a different layout or format; or documents which have been revised and require comparison against the original.

TVT is in use in many Pharmaceutical companies across the globe. It is used for the comparison of:

  • Revisions of SPC’s against the approved copy.
  • PIL, Carton and label Artwork PDF’s against the regulatory text.
  • Revision of artwork PDF against the Approved Artwork.
  • Corporate brochures.
  • Reports.
  • Marketing Documentation.

TVTIn fact it can be used to check text wherever it transfers from one format/layout to another to ensure nothing changes.It can compare 10,000 word documents in a matter of seconds, displaying differences and requiring the user to simply review these differences and accept/reject them. It can compare documents in any language and can even compare multiple documents in a single comparison.

The software is easy to use and has many features which allow confirmation of critical information within documents and is helping to preserve the integrity of packaging and information.


image compare

ImageCompare is a pixel based inspection system that allows the comparison of images. It is used extensively in the Medical Device industry to help secure the packaging development workflow.


As a prepress tool it is used to compare approved Artwork to revisions or Vendor proofs and can identify extremely small differences in content, density and colour.


As a packaging comparator with the various scanner options it is used to ensure that the finished packaging conforms to the approved Artwork PDF. With different resolution options the software can detect the difference between a full stop and comma down to 2pt text.

Both PrePress and PackCompare have the ability to check not only content and colour but also to inspect Braille dots. Both can check braille as graphic representations and PackCompare the embossed or printed marks on the finished pack.

Options allow the simple identification and decoding of the dots up to a full evaluation of the braille impression or print with individual dot specification and variance from the ECMA standards depending upon the scanner options chosen.

A barcode scanner can be connected to the system and the results of a scan of the barcode saved to the report. Most barcode formats can be scanned

Installation, training and support

All software and systems supplied are fully supported with update and support packages that meet industry standards. Support is provided via email, telephone, web or onsite as required. Installation and training is undertaken by qualified personnel either onsite or at our offices, with packages tailored to client’s needs.

Meeting Industry standards

All software is validated at the developers prior to new release and validation packages (IQ and OQ) are available if required. We can also assist with the development of the PQ to meet internal validation requirements as well as the execution of the validation documents. All software complies with 21CFR Part 11.

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