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Amplion Research unveils BiomarkerBase

Amplion Research has launched BiomarkerBase, the first available database of every biomarker currently in active clinical use.

BiomarkerBase is an easy to use data container and provides quick access to the detailed information available about each biomarker.

Using BiomarkerBase, biomarkers can be browsed by disease, drug or target and all records are linked directly to primary sources such as scientific databases, FDA records, and drug labels.

Amplion Research president John Audette said, "We are entering an age when diseases and drugs will be ever more precisely diagnosed and prescribed, and molecular biomarkers are the primary drivers behind these advances."

BiomarkerBase has been developed for drug and diagnostic test developers, students and post-docs, market analysts, technology transfer professionals and private individuals.

Amplion is also planning many future enhancements for BiomarkerBase, which includes the biomarkers addition in active clinical trials, commercial information for diagnostic tests, drugs and the companies that manufacture them.

BiomarkerBase is the company’s first product and the forth coming product includes Emerging Biomarkers.