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Collaborative project with Carna Biosciences

Carna Biosciences has succeeded in development of assay systems of more than 160 kinases utilizing its proprietary technologies and know-how on gene cloning, active protein expression, purification and screening.

Enamine is one of the top providers of screening libraries for pre-clinical drug discovery and owns over 8,000 compounds as kinase-focused libraries. Carna Biosciences and Enamine have selected a kinase as target which is reported to have relationship to Cancer.

Enamine is responsible for developing kinase focused libraries against targeted kinase utilizing docking methodologies and Carna Biosciences is responsible for screening the libraries against the targeted kinase. The companies intend to license the lead compounds developed by the collaboration to pharmaceutical companies.

"By collaborating with Enamine, Carna Biosciences will be able to find novel lead compounds attractive for pharmaceutical companies," said Kohichiro Yoshino, President and CEO of Carna Biosciences.

"The unsurpassed quality and reliability of our assay and screening technologies will help us, together with Enamine’s know-how on
development of compound libraries, to continue the expansion of our kinase-focused drug discovery businesses."

"Our expertise in the computer assisted structure-based techniques combined with original custom tailored chemistry will result in novel lead compounds," said Dr. Andrei Tolmachev, President and CEO of Enamine.

"The technologies of Carna Biosciences and Enamine are so complementary that I am confident in the outcome of this collaborative research."