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Adocia reveals positive trial results on diabetes drug

Adocia has reported positive phase I clinical trial results for its human insulin drug candidate, HinsBet, to treat diabetes. The double blind study that involved 12 healthy volunteers compared the drug with Novo Nordisk's insulin analog- NovoLog and human insulin Actrapid.

HinsBet showed identical results compared to the Novo Nordisk‘s products giving local tolerance and absence of pain at the injection site. The inter-patient variability on glycemic control with HinsBet had been statistically lower than that of NovoLog and Actrapid.

Adocia president and CEO Gerard Soula said they think that they have a unique human insulin formulation which could be a best-in-class insulin product, offering type 1 and 2 diabetics a performance on glycemia control as high as insulin analogs but in a more cost-effective way and with less variability.

Following the Phase I trial, Adocia will initiate a phase IIa study on type 1 diabetics to confirm the fast onset of action and the reduction of variability of HinsBet compared to NovoLog and will partner with a company involved in the diabetic field.

HinsBet comprises human insulin and one polymer of the BioChaperone platform patented by Adocia.

The company designed the polymer to form a molecular complex with human insulin to enable acceleration of insulin blood penetration.