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Safety through standard-compliant testing - GLP with BINDER
| By BINDER Pharma
Negative headlines from the pharmaceutical industry such as Thalidomide scandal and meningitis due to contaminated drugs can be prevented. Learn how in our white paper! BINDER constant climate chambers offer the complete solution for standard-compliant testing and optimal quality assurance for your laboratory.
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SafetyBase Interchange
| By BaseCon
BaseCon was established in 1999 to support the pharmaceutical sector with innovative IT solutions by using state-of-the-art technology combined with detailed knowledge of the requirements in the pharmaceutical sector.
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Sample Holder and Inserts
| By Phenom World
For both the Phenom™ G2 pure and Phenom G2 pro a large variety of sample holders is available in order to extend the sample acceptance. These holders are designed for optimizing sample loading speed and guarantee the fastest time to image available in the market.
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Sample Processing for the UK Biobank Genotyping Project
| By Trinean
A project was initiated in 2013 to perform SNP genotyping on all UK Biobank participants. The aim of the project (which was to be completed within an 18-24 month timeframe) was to generate high quality genotype data and to make these data available for researchers, via the UK Biobank Showcase system. This poster describes the sample processing workflow, presents a comparison between the two quantification methods used in the project (Trinean DropSense® 96 and PicoGreen) and provides a summary of the genotyping metrics for the (approx.) first 180,000 samples analysed.
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Sciences Radiolabelling Brochure
| By Almac
Trust Almac with your 14C radiolabelling requirements and we will offer advice on the most appropriate label position for your molecule, including synthetic feasibility and metabolic stability.
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| By Eppendorf
New Brunswick™ BioCommand® Software for Fermentation & Cell Culture
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Seamless Drug Development
| By PRA Health Sciences
The success rate of drug development has been studied extensively over the years and discussed in numerous publications. In an important recent paper by Hay et al (Nat Biotechnol. 2014;32:40-51), the overall likelihood of FDA approval for products entering clinical phase was estimated at approximately 10%.
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Seamless Life Sciences Collaboration
| By Brainloop
Speeding up your time to market: Seamless online collaboration in the biopharmaceutical industry
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Selling Pittcon to Your Boss
| By Pittcon
Let us help you to present justification to attend Pittcon - All you have to do is read or hand this document to your boss.
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Serialisation of Pharmaceuticals: A Key to Success for the Pharma Industry
| By Garvens
Serialisation, the unique testing and monitoring (Track & Trace) of medications throughout all manufacturing steps, is becoming the decisive activity for achieving quality, safety and trust. The startling increase in product counterfeiting calls for security in the supply chain within a global market. For this reason, many countries have started to implement new laws in order to eliminate weak points in the supply chain.
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Set-up Reduction in Biotech: When Every Minute Counts
| By TBM Consulting Group
The biotech companies that create the drugs to treat everything from cancer to weight loss have a different relationship with delivery than most manufacturers. For the small appliance maker or the engine builder, delivering a product to market late represents a missed opportunity, a probable loss on the balance sheet.
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Shellpak® Dimensions
| By MeadWestvaco MWV
Introducing the Shellpak unit dose pack – MWV's award-winning, first-of-its-kind compliance package. Pushing design well beyond the ordinary amber vial, MWV developed the innovative Shellpak solution to deliver the benefits of pass-through packaging.
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SHL Group: Auto Injectors - From Planning to Launch
| By SHL Group
Preparing for the overall development process.
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Sieving for Safety
| By Russell Finex
Dealing with pharmaceutical ingredients demands adherence to a range of health and safety regulations. Rob O’Connell at Russell Finex Ltd examines sieving equipment and the explosive issues monitored by ATEX.
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Signed by Syncom - Designing Chemistry in 25 Milestones
| By Syncom BV pbr
There are so many reasons to be proud of this company. In the first 25 years of Syncoms’ existence, we have truly made a contribution to science, the pharmaceutical industry, the health of many people across all continents, to the economy of our city (Groningen), as well as to the careers and lives of employees and former employees.
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Single-Use-Bioprocesses – Hype or Future Technology?
| By Rentschler
Single-use bioreactors offer many advantages for the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals. They are used in approximately two thirds of all new bioprocesses in the biopharmaceutical market and have become indispensable in biopharmaceutical development and production processes.
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Site Landscape Shrinking, Losing Most Active PIs
| By CenterWatch
High turnover and an influx of novice investigators have been the key drivers plaguing the site workforce recently. CenterWatch analyzes the reasons for the shift and the affects it's having on the industry.
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Smart HPLC Solutions for Large Molecules
| By Tosoh Bioscience
The biopharmaceutical research sector and its products represent a significant area of growth for today’s pharmaceutical industry. Major biotherapeutic categories currently include vaccines, therapeutic proteins such as growth factors or cytokines, and, last but not least, monoclonal antibodies. A thorough characterisation of these products is a key task for the successful submission of data for their regulatory approval.
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So How Is NSF Moving E.A.S.T.?
| By NSF International
How does an organization stand out from the crowd in the global marketplace, where businesses vie for attention and custom, and a multitude of choices exist in every transaction? Communication that seeks a change in an organization has to be Easy, Attractive, Social, Timely (E.A.S.T)
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Softigel introduces new energy gummies at vitafoods
| By Softigel pbr
Who hasn´t needed a wake-me-up in the morning or hasn´t dragged a tired body to the end of the day? Regardless how we individually spend our day, the intensity of our routine, the sports practice or the stressful of our labor; the common consequence is the high demand and lack of energy.
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SoftiGel Product Catalogue
| By Softigel pbr
Download our whitepaper for details of our pharmaceutical capsules and products.
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Softigel Technologies Brochure
| By Softigel pbr
From selecting the best gelatin source, throughout the soft gelatin capsule development, manufacturing, labeling and packaging process, until delivering a final product to your warehouse with supporting marketing strategies, SoftiGel is vertically integrated to fulfill your needs and deliver the best drug to any marketplace in the world.
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| By Novo Nordisk Pharmatech A/S
FeF Chemicals is the worldwide leading supplier of high quality Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (quats). We are specialized in the pharmaceutical and personal care industries, providing quats of global regulatory compliance. We provide only the very best and safest ingredients for your formulation, preserving its quality and contributing to patient safety.
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Specialised Project & Technology Transfer – Precision Neurosurgical Equipment
| By SHL Group
An established manufacturer of Integrated Circuit (IC) testing equipment from Germany was following a global sourcing initiative and needed to search for a suitable supplier in Asia that had experience in manufacturing and offered strong production capabilities. Sustaining high quality manufacturing in an environment with established quality systems was vital to the manufacturer and became one of the key determining factors when choosing the right supplier.
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Specialised Project & Technology Transfer- Laboratory Equipment & Automated Systems
| By SHL Group
A US-based company dedicated to developing intelligent inspection solutions and equipment for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries wanted to partner with an established manufacturer, possessing design and engineering capabilities as well as appropriate in-house quality systems. With lab equipment that finds defects in medical syringes, vials, cartridges, test tubes, and other medical containers, it was vital for the manufacturing partner to have ISO13485 and ISO9001 quality systems in place.
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