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Oncology Fact Sheet
| By inVentiv Health
The unique patient populations, study design challenges, and special endpoints associated with oncology trials demand specialized knowledge. inVentiv Health Clinical’s team, comprised of experts who are dedicated to oncology research, is uniquely qualified to manage that complexity. Our experience spans many indications, interventions, and phases of oncology drug development. We apply our therapeutic expertise to address the unique challenges of oncology research—and help get critically needed products to market faster.
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One-page brochure of reMYND’s CRO
| By reMYND
Helping you understand the therapeutic in vivo effects of your Alzheimer drug candidates.
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Open Interface
| By Eppendorf
DASware® migrate: Manage your bioprocess data with DASGIP®.
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Operational Excellence (OPEX) through Optimization
As an automation supplier to many different industries, COPA-DATA sees how important mapping the process - and any connecting processes - in the visualization, and then presenting the information to the operator in the format most suited to them, can be in terms of efficiency gains. The operator influences the quality and efficiency of production.
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Operational Plant Engineering Support - Specialist Expertise Solving Your Problems
| By ABB
Want to improve plant performance? Suffering from recurring equipment failure? Short of skills and can’t recruit? Download this Whitepaper for answers.
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Optimising Empower and Chromeleon
| By beyontics
For 15 years beyontics is known as a trusted provider for solutions for all phases in the lifecycle of chromatography data systems (CDS). Specialized in Chromeleon from Thermo Scientific and Waters Empower and familiar with the GxP requirements we supply solutions for all areas of the CDS to our customers, taking their individual needs into account.
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Optimizing Antimicrobial Preservative Selection for Pharmaceutical Products
| By Spectrum Chemical
The challenges facing the formulation chemist include 1) balancing preservative selection against a broad spectrum of potential contaminants with regulations and consumer preferences generally limiting usage; 2) minimizing any adverse affect of the preservatives on the performance attributes or activity of the product 3) ensuring activity of the preservatives in the unique pharmaceutical or cosmetic formulation throughout the expected shelf life of the product. This paper will provide guidelines for selecting and optimizing an appropriate preservative system.
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Optimizing Development Resources for Efficient Product Development
Nowadays, efficient process research and development are, more than ever, an absolute must for contract manufacturers and API manufacturers. New products/processes need to be pushed through to market readiness faster and faster.
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Orthogonal and Complementary Nanoparticle Characterization Techniques
| By Malvern Panalytical
How can I trust my data? This is a common concern for many researchers using particle measurement instrumentation. Is the data affected in any way by the measurement technology, or alternatively by the user during sample preparation or by the analysis parameters employed? To answer this question we need to consider the use of independent and orthogonal measurement techniques in order to provide confidence and measurement validation.
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Outlining the Role of Genoma España in Promoting the Sector, General Director Rafael Camacho Fumanal Explores the Relevance of Biotechnology in Spain
| By Genoma España
The Ministry of Science and Innovation, through its Secretary General of Innovation, has made one of its primary goals the improvement of the competitive capacity of the Spanish productive model. In doing so, Spain will not only be able to reach a sustainable economic growth but, in turn, will be able to generate qualified employment, stimulate the traditional sectors, strengthen its current contributions in R&D, and create companies in the new and defiant sectors.
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Overcoming and Quantifying 'Wall Slip' in Measurements from a Rotational Rheometer
| By Malvern Panalytical
When making shear rheological measurements on structured liquids, in particular suspensions, emulsions or foams there is a high probability that the measurement may be affected by a phenomenon known as 'wall slip'. Wall slip generally results from a localdepletion of the dispersed phase near the geometry walls, effectively forming a lubrication layer at the surface. As a consequence bulk rheological properties are no longer being accurately measured leading to an underestimation of the true viscosity. A similar effect can be observed when measuring solid like materials where there is insufficient friction between the sample and the wall to support the applied stress.
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