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GA-Map™ Technology
| By Genetic Analysis
Genetic Analysis AS has developed a DNA-based platform technology that allows for simultaneous analysis of a large number of similar (but not identical) gene fragments in one reaction. For a technical description please download this free white paper.
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Global Biosimilar Development
| By PRA Health Sciences
Many different terms are used in different parts of the world to describe “biosimilar products.” It is important to understand and differentiate true biosimilars from others because of the potential concern for patient safety and efficacy, and the misconceptions that can arise from misleading published reports.
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Global Capabilities in Central Nervous System Research
| By PRA Health Sciences
PRA Health Sciences’ (PRA) Early Development Services (EDS) group has a long-standing track record of early clinical development work in various CNS indications through our global clinical facilities.
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Global Compliance for Medical Device Industry: Who needs Compliance to CFR, ISO13485, JPAL, D-MAH or 9100?
Medical device companies of all sizes face real challenges from emerging markets and international compliance. Many of the worlds regions are going through transformations where countries are making decisions to control their own destiny with respect to the standards and the requirements for regulatory compliance. Going, going, going gone are the days when other countries will accept the US standards and policies for managing the compliance or RAQA requirements.
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Global Temperature Monitoring Solutions: For the Life Science Industry
| By TSS
TSS’ cloud solutions enable life science companies to take informed decisions, to ultimately ensure global patient safety.
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Glycosylation analysis by hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC) – N-Glyco mapping of the ZP-domain of murine TGFR-3
| By Tosoh Bioscience
Glycosylation is one of the most common forms of post-translational modification of eukaryotic proteins. Glycosylated proteins (glycoproteins) make up the majority of human proteins. The polysaccharide side chains (Glycans) play critical roles in physiological and pathological reactions ranging from immunity to cell signaling, development and death.
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GMP Warehouse Mapping - Step-by-Step Guidelines for Validating Life Science Storage Facilities
| By Vaisala pbr
This step-by-step paper describes how to map a warehouse to comply with internationally recognized GMPs and regulatory requirements.
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Going with the Flow: Malvern Instruments' Basic Introduction to Rheology
| By Malvern Panalytical
Rheology concerns itself with materials that have aspects of both solids and liquids, and researches the flow and deformation of matter. Malvern Instruments explores this study, and reveals its fundamental in relation to force, deformation and time.
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GPC/SEC Analysis of Polylactic Acid (PLA) and Poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA) Using OMNISEC
| By Malvern Panalytical
In this application note, a selection of different PLA and PLGA polymer samples were analyzed on Malvern's OMNISEC GPC/SEC system, which combines all the detectors described above.
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Greater Copenhagen HealthTech Brief
| By Greater Copenhagen
Evolving technology and the global demand for innovative health care solutions make Greater Copenhagen the perfect location for two converging industries: life science and tech. This is your chance to get a free business brief about our HealthTech industry. In the report, you will find all the information you need about setting up a HealthTech business in Greater Copenhagen.
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Growing Potential: mAb Production With Fibra-Cel
| By Eppendorf
The market for monoclonal antibodies continues to grow steadily, but there are still bottlenecks in the development of new products, including long development times mostly due to R&D. Advanced bioprocess equipment that meets the specific demands of mAb-producing hybridoma can accelerate design and production, and reduce overall development costs along the way.
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