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Dedicated Pharmaceutical Product Range
| By Avery Dennison
Avery Dennison's high-quality pharmaceutical product range has been developed to meet industry standards for mandrel performance, low migration characteristics and compliance. Typical applications for this product range include OTC, prescription medicines and a range of other medicament packaging. Accordingly, the product range is designed to meet the pharmaceutical packaging standards.
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Defining the Future of Temperature Monitoring
| By TSS
Benefits of a cloud solution independent of the logger device.
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Delta 2000 - Product Range Brochure
| By Delta 2000
Our products are the result of the full involvemnet of every department, from sales to production, continuous investments in investments.
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Dependable Design
| By Eppendorf
New Brunswick™ CelliGen® Pro pilot to production SIP bioreactor systems.
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Desktop SEM Imaging in the Development of a Radioablation Device
| By Phenom World
Radioembolization is a type of internal radiation therapy developed for the treatment of liver tumors. Liver tumors rely almost exclusively on the hepatic artery for their blood supply. In radioembolization, radioactive particles are selectively administered to the hepatic artery, leading to a selective accumulation of these particles around the tumor. Consequently, the tumor tissue is irradiated, whilst sparing the healthy liver tissue.
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Developing a Bioformulation Stability Profile
| By Malvern Instruments
When used in combination, light scattering and microcapillary viscometry can be used to develop a stability profile to screen biotherapeutic candidates, with light scattering providing a suite of dilute solution properties and microcapillary viscometry providing analysis of viscosity even at high sample concentration.
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Device Driver and Software Interface Programming
| By beyontics
Data transfer from equipment and programs to your CDS: In the area of customer specific solutions beyontics helps you with generating equipment and system connections to your CDS. No matter if a data transfer between your LIMS and your CDS or the connection of any kind of device (e.g. balances or pH meters), the beyontics software development provides efficient and reliable solutions for your lab.
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| By Drug Information Association
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Differential Scanning Calorimetry as a Tool for Rapid and Efficient Development of Economical Biopharmaceutical Processes
| By Malvern Instruments
Biopharmaceutical process development can be costly and time-consuming. The ultimate goal is to maximise the yield of purified product by the most costeffective, reproducible and robust route.
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Differentiation and Characterisation of Subvisible Particulates in Therapeutic Protein Products
| By Malvern Instruments
The formation of protein aggregates is a particular concern for parenteral administration biopharmaceuticals due to the potential for increased immunogenicity. As a consequence, there is an expectation from regulatory agencies for companies to monitor and, if required, reduce the levels of sub-visible particles present in therapeutic protein from manufacture through their complete shelf life.
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Direct analysis of biogenic amines in food by HILIC-MS
| By Tosoh Bioscience
Biogenic amines are present in protein-rich food such as fish, meat or milk. Their concentration increases during food decomposition. The reasons to monitor biogenic amines in food products are to determine that the food is suitable for consumption and to establish appropriate storage conditions.
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Document Compliance Management
| By Brainloop
A DCM system covers the entire lifecycle of a document with no gaps. As a consequence, the document always remains under the system's watchful eye, even when it is opened, edited or stored on the desktop.
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DoE Bioprocess Development
| By Eppendorf
Eppendorf DASware is the effective route to design of experiments (DoE) in early-stage bioprocess development. Claudia M Huether-Franken and Sebastian Kleebank explain how the design software applies DoE to DASGIP parallel bioreactor systems.
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Dokumeds Company Brochure
Download our full company brochure here.
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Dramatic Yield Increase Through EZ-Down System
| By Custom Powder Systems
Custom Powder Systems announces dramatic yield increase through use of anti-segregation technologies. A unique solution improves yields from less than 75% to over 98%.
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Drug Safety Solutions
| By Pierrel Research
The safety of medicines is an essential part of patient safety. The rapidly increasing scrutiny on drug safety issues, and an increasing number of regulations and risk management commitments have led to increased safety data collection, analysis and regulatory surveillance, which in turn have increased costs.
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Dual Ion Source DUIS-2020 for Simultaneous ESI and APCI Measurement
| By Shimadzu PBR
In LCMS measurement, the ionization mode is selected depending on the polarity of the target compounds. For example, Electrospray Ionization (ESI) is generally selected for analysis of high-polarity compounds which are typically found in drugs and pesticides, while Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization (APCI) is selected for compounds having lower polarity.
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