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Solutions4Science - Temperature Mapping and Validation Services

Solutions4Science provides the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry with temperature mapping and monitoring services in order to ensure optimum conditions for the production, testing and storage of pharmaceutical products.

When a pharmaceutical product is being manufactured any heating or cooling equipment usually requires heat distribution studies or "temperature mapping" to ensure the required temperature has been maintained. After manufacture it is mandatory to ensure that the product is not subjected to any temperature excursions. Thermal mapping of storage areas is essential to demonstrate this has been achieved.

Temperature mapping and monitoring services

Over the past two decades Solutions4Science has provided the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry with temperature mapping and monitoring services in order to ensure optimum conditions for the production, testing and storage of pharmaceutical products. Their knowledge covers most industrial applications and they have developed specific expertise for the requirements of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare sector.

Validation of temperature controlled environments

S4S are market leaders in the validation of temperature controlled environments. As one of the longest established companies specialising in this area, their depth of knowledge gives clients unrivalled confidence in their ability to deliver every time.

They have the capability to temperature map from cryogenic environments to furnaces, though of course most clients requirements are not that extreme. The following describes the most frequently studied environments, however many clients have needs specific to their applications and S4S are skilled at designing bespoke testing regimes.

  • Warehouse
  • Refrigerator
  • Ultra Cold Freezer
  • Cold Store
  • Autoclave
  • Blood Bank
  • Vehicle
  • Oven
  • Labs/Building
  • Freeze Drier
  • Stability Room
  • Shipper

Thermal validation needs

In the past most manufacturers have been faced with managing multiple service providers to meet their thermal validation needs due to the variety of temperature controlled equipment. This has resulted in inconsistencies in approach and rationale, leading to important validation requirements being overlooked and the inevitable adverse audit findings.

When faced with the choice of using many contractors or possibly not being able to find anyone to carry out their studies it is not surprising that many companies have tried to bring this "non core" activity in house. From a compliance standpoint this can often be successful but has two major drawbacks. Firstly, equipment utilisation is very low and capital costs for validation equipment are very high. Secondly, personnel executing the studies have a narrow band of experience and little exposure to industry best practice.

S4S is in the unique position of being able to support all your equipment and therefore clients can replace multiple contractors with a single service provider leading to significant cost reduction. Case studies have demonstrated that 30% savings can be delivered by rationalising testing strategy and increased equipment utilisation.

Temperature controlled equipment

Woking solely in this industry is the company's greatest strength, as well as its ability to build strong relationships with its customers. Solutions4Science exceed their customer's expectations to achieve and sustain a reputation for service excellence, thereby becoming their temperature mapping provider of choice. Only operating in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry means the company has managed to meet the same rigorous requirements - it is the only specialist temperature mapping company with an ISO9001:2008 accreditation for the "validation of temperature controlled equipment in the healthcare industry". Couple that with their experience of supporting many companies, access to auditors and opinion leaders means they can offer excellent advice.

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Tel: 01256 33336