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SchuF Valves- Innovative, custom valve solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

The SchuF group, inventor of the bottom outlet valve, manufactures custom, flush-mounted valves that eliminate dead space in the reactor outlet nozzle. The main features and benefits of SchuF valves include the following;

Patented Multiprobe valves with integrated Process Analytical Technology (PAT) probes; Elimination of cross-contamination between batches, in line with GMP compliance; Zero leakage to atmosphere, including lethal service requirements; Firesafe Certification; Seat Leakage Rate Class VI; Ability to handle media crystallisation and crust formation; FDA compliant; Clean-In-Place (CIP) and flushable performance capabilities; Integrated temperature measurement, even in low volume batches; Efficient, safe sampling; Requirements for Internal surfaces polished to Ra < 0.2µm; Additional sensor function options.

Schuf Innovation; Introducing Process Analytical Technology to your system via valves
Integrating PAT technology with a SchuF valve eliminates the need to modify existing reactor vessels. It is a low-cost solution, allowing the implementation of modern PAT technology in both existing and new reactors. SchuF's unique MultiProbe™ patented design ensures that the medium in the reactor does not leak through the valve stem. The PAT probe can be removed quickly between batches without the need to remove the valve from the vessel. As the PAT probe is located in the bottom part of the vessel, even low-volume batches can be monitored in real-time.

SchuF - a world leader in valve manufacture using specialised materials of construction
SchuF can provide valves in a wide variety of specialised materials which provide extreme corrosion resistance, even at high temperatures and pressures. Schuf has many years of experience in manufacturing valves in a range of appropriate materials such as Stainless Steel (all grades), Duplex, Hastelloy, Titanium and other high-performance alloys. In addition, SchuF are specialists in the area of supplying glass-lined, PTFE/PFA-lined and tantalum-lined valves in all sizes.

Additional Custom Options
Custom design requirements can be incorporated into each valve alongside tried and tested standard design features, such as elimination of dead-space in the vessel outlet, FDA and GMP compliance for disc valves, full cleaning capability together with being flushable in place and fire-safe certification. Additional options include flushing/purging connections, internal and external polishing, positioners, limit switches, solenoid valve(s), 'seat-less' disc-valve construction, CIP / GMP certification, manual over-ride actuators, leak detection, disc contouring, live- loaded packing, spindle wipers.

Contact Details:

SchuF Valve Technology GmbH, Lehenaghmore, Togher, Cork, Ireland
Telephone +353 21 4837000
Fax +353 21 4837030