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inVentiv Health - Leading Provider of Global Drug Development Services to the Biopharmaceutical Industry

inVentiv Health is a life science knowledge and services company purpose-built for the new healthcare marketplace. inVentiv has created a new model by converging a vast range of essential services to fully align with our clients' development and commercialization goals.

As a leading provider of global drug development services to the biopharmaceutical industry inVentiv takes a patient-centric approach and applies smarter, fresher thinking to go well beyond traditional outsourced services.

We offer therapeutically specialized capabilities for phase I-IV clinical development, bioanalytical services, and flexible strategic resourcing from a single clinical professional to an entire functional team uniquely positioned to both develop and fully commercialize products for the life sciences industry. Learn more about how we support the entire product lifecycle here.

About inVentiv health

inVentiv Health understands what it takes to successfully compete and win in a complex, global marketplace. At critical moments in clinical development and commercialization, we offer the deep expertise and strategic insights required to solve complex problems. Our services help accelerate the delivery of healthcare strategy and innovation.

inVentiv Health was purpose-built to align precisely with our biopharmaceutical clients' goals. Our unique, streamlined model, combining a global Clinical Research Organization (CRO) with a global Contract Commercial Organization (CCO), helps clients improve performance, reduce risk, and speed the delivery of much-needed therapies to patients worldwide. We bring business strategy to science and scientific expertise to business.

With more than 13,000 employees supporting clients in 70 countries, our global scale and broad expertise have served more than 550 life sciences companies, including all 20 of the largest biopharmaceutical companies in the world. We've directly supported the clinical development and/or commercialization of nearly 60% of all drugs approved by the FDA over the last five years, including approximately 70% of all approved New Molecular Entities - more than 2/3 of the truly novel drugs. Our therapeutic expertise is world-class, and no one is more committed than inVentiv Health to your success. Our streamlined approach, linking the capabilities of a CRO and a CCO, is the inVentiv Health advantage.


Among the world's top clinical research organizations

  • Full-service, global clinical trial outsourcing services
  • Medical, scientific, and regulatory expertise
  • Phase I-IIa: First-in-man, proof-of-concept, bioavailability / bioequivalence / biosimilars
  • Bioanalytical
  • Phase IIb-III
  • Feasibility
  • Clinical trial recruitment services
  • Phase IV
  • Functional services provider: Data management, biostatistics, statistical programming, medical writing, Study Monitoring, and Pharmacovigilance, and project management
  • Therapeutically aligned project management
  • Global clinical staffing solutions
  • Systematic risk assessment for risk based monitoring, risk management, RMPs, and REMS
  • Study start-up
  • Interactive response technologies


Leading provider of integrated commercial and consulting services to the life sciences industry

  • Outsourced sales teams, MSLs, clinical nurse educators, sales support, and recruiting
  • Marketing and medical communications, advertising, PR
  • Public affairs and advocacy
  • Digital innovation and social media
  • Managed markets services
  • Patient engagement through adherence programs, REMS, and Rx access
  • Market research and sales analytics
  • Medical: Medical affairs, clinical development, program/risk management
  • Corporate development: Corporate strategy, acquisitions, integration, and optimization
  • Commercial Strategy: New product planning, launch suite including the Launch Playbook™, lifecycle management, and capability development
  • Market Access: Payer Insights, access strategy, and access capability development
  • Commercial Excellence: Commercial model design, local market strategy, learning solutions

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