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Greater Copenhagen

Greater Copenhagen is a metropolitan region that covers eastern Denmark and Skåne in southern Sweden.

The 79 municipalities in Greater Copenhagen are home to 4 million inhabitants and constitute Scandinavia's largest recruitment base for highly skilled workers. The region offers world-class research facilities, a creative business environment with access to the markets of Denmark and Sweden, and a unique work-life balance for all.


Medicon Valley - the life science cluster of Greater Copenhagen

Located in Greater Copenhagen, Medicon Valley has a vibrant ecosystem and enviable talent pool. This is underpinned by life science-focused universities and a superb research infrastructure. Medicon Valley is both a competitive business environment and an expression of the Scandinavian quality of life. A happy, fulfilled workforce means a smooth-running business - which in turn means satisfied, secure employers.

The power and effectiveness of Scandinavian innovation is globally recognised - and reflected in Medicon Valley. The area has a rich life science heritage and pioneering spirit that continues to attract many successful companies. Industry heavyweights like Novo Nordisk, LEO Pharma, Baxter Gambro and Lundbeck are present, but so too are many smaller innovative companies and start-ups who continue to energise the area.


Greater Copenhagen - the HealthTech hub

Evolving technology and the global demand for innovative health care solutions make Greater Copenhagen the perfect location for two converging industries: life science and tech. Greater Copenhagen is currently shaping the rise of the new HealthTech industry.

The region has an impressive history of life science and technological innovations. From the discovery of insulin to the first mobile phone to Bluetooth technology - all originate from Greater Copenhagen-based science and companies. The region offers a superior combination of the key factors needed for the creation and development of innovative and successful HealthTech companies.

Greater Copenhagen is ranked as one of the five most digital cities in Europe. The region is at the forefront of implementing digital services in both the public and the private sector, so everything from applications and data transfers to licenses runs smoothly and effectively.


Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in skåne

Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Skåne assists foreign businesses, investors and talent in identifying and capitalising on business opportunities in Greater Copenhagen. Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Skåne are the official organisations for investment promotion and economic development in Greater Copenhagen. We support foreign companies, investors and talent in identifying and capitalising on business opportunities in Greater Copenhagen - from initial considerations to final establishment.

As the leading expert on developing and implementing business opportunities in Greater Copenhagen, and with the most well-connected network in the region, we will help you get the best possible start for success in Greater Copenhagen. Our services are free of charge for all foreign-owned companies, who want to establish or invest in Greater Copenhagen, and provided in full confidentiality.