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Genoma España - Applied Genomics and Biotechnology Innovation White Papers

Genoma España - Applied Genomics and Biotechnology Innovation

Outlining the Role of Genoma España in Promoting the Sector, General Director Rafael Camacho Fumanal Explores the Relevance of Biotechnology in Spain The Ministry of Science and Innovation, through its Secretary General of Innovation, has made one of its primary goals the improvement of the competitive capacity of the Spanish productive model. In doing so, Spain will not only be able to reach a sustainable economic growth but, in turn, will be able to generate qualified employment, stimulate the traditional sectors, strengthen its current contributions in R&D, and create companies in the new and defiant sectors.
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Success Cases of Biotechnology and Genomics in Medicine, Food, Agriculture and Industry Sectors This document is the result of a survey of biotechnology "success stories" performed by Genoma España. It consists of case studies in which biotechnology and genomics were successfully introduced into medicine, food and agriculture and industrial processes. The study of real cases of success gives a concrete and direct view on how these new technologies were used to solve existing problems, address new markets and contribute to industrial sustainability.
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