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Fuld & Company – Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Gaming Case Studies

Fuld & Company – Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Gaming

Analysing a Competitor's Operations Can Lead to Significant Improvements in a Firm's Cost Structure By studying a competitor's manufacturing processes, firms can identify areas of improvement in their own operations. Contact-lens and lens-care product manufacturers have come to believe that the lens-care product segment that was once a revenue driver with large margins will diminish as extended-wear lenses become more popular and eliminate the need for daily or even weekly contact-lens care. Some manufacturers have therefore determined that future margins will be obtained in making the lens manufacturing process more efficient through cost-cutting and new manufacturing technology.
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Core Competencies – What is your Strength, Really? Identifying core competencies is essential to strategic outsourcing. A medical monitoring device company was interested in learning whether its competitors outsourced the manufacture of printed circuit assemblies (PCAs), or assembled them in-house. PCAs are the high-technology components that run the devices' programs. Scale, density (the number of components), and engineering time are all part of the equation to determine whether a PCA should be assembled in-house or outsourced. As board space becomes smaller and the number of components increases, the need for precise assembly at a low cost becomes critical.
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New Rivals – New Treatment Approaches Can Impact The Market For Traditional Treatments In the pharmaceutical industry, emerging treatment approaches could dramatically impact the market for traditional treatments such as vaccines. Influenza is a virulent, sometimes deadly disease that affects up to 20% of the US population. The development of effective therapeutics has been challenging for medical researchers due to the seasonal variation in viral strains and the highly infectious nature of influenza. One emerging treatment approach is to target the enzyme neuraminidase, responsible for promoting the release of flu virus from infected cells. However, as new treatments emerge, the market for traditional treatments such as vaccines could dissipate.
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Using Public Agencies Can Help Confirm or Disprove Rumors Many pharmaceutical industry watchers believe the FDA can be a barrier to industry information. In any number of cases over the years, the FDA has helped clarify various pieces of a rumor and expedite our client's critical decisions. In one instance, a client heard that FDA had concerns about a drug's particular side effects, which could ultimately delay the release of the product.
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