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Dow Pharma Solutions

Dow 's innovative DESIGNED PARTICLE MORPHOLOGY (DPM) brings pharmaceutical companies new differentiated IP-protected products and improved manufacturing capability. Through significant improved flow, METHOCEL™ DC2 enabled by Dow's patented DPM Technology helps you enjoy the benefits of dry powder processing techniques while improving tablet quality and delivering the controlled release performance expected from the proven family of METHOCEL™ excipients.

Health by Design - Helping Design Better Medicine and Healthier Lives

For more than half a century, we've been creating solutions that help the pharmaceutical industry develop ground-breaking medicines. Whether companies are creating modified release medicines, looking for more cost-effective production methods or enhancing the solubility of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for therapeutic effect - we can take them there.
We offer active pharmaceutical for laxatives and colonic lavage and a broad range of functional excipients designed to help you solve your formulation challenges.



Controlled release alliance: unique together

Dow Pharma and Colorcon work together through the Controlled Release Alliance to accelerate pharmaceutical product development efforts for controlled release and reach markets throughout the world for METHOCEL™ , ETHOCEL™ and POLYOX™ pharmaceutical excipient products used in controlled release applications.

Solubilization enhancement

At Dow Pharma, we appreciate that solubilization of a pipeline of poorly soluble drug candidates is the leading challenge facing the pharmaceutical industry.

Breadth and depth of expertise and leadership

Our network of experts in product safety, toxicology and pharmaceutical regulations span multiple business units, functions and regions. The team supports business growth through assessing the safety of new product launches coming from the innovation pipeline, and obtaining the license-to-sell in compliance with stringent pharmaceutical and medical legislation globally.

Key regulatory activities and customer benefits

Our regulatory support and impact would not be possible without our extensive participation and leadership in key industry associations such as 'The International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council' (IPECs Europe, Americas, Japan and China) where we play a key role in both issue management and advocacy in emerging and changing legislation.

Quality by design

The purpose of QbD in the pharmaceutical industry is to mitigate risk through product and process understanding. By capturing all critical aspects of drug development and control strategies, QbD investments in product and process development to yield significant benefits in commercial manufacturing. Dow Pharma is your proactive partner in QbD - supporting formulation and scale-up activities to help develop more robust drug formulations.

Customer resources

Our high-class regulatory support provides customers with a multitude of resources, answering a broad range of questions and sharing information spanning more than just our own product offerings.

Contact us

North America: +1 800 447 4369
Europe, Middle East, Africa: +31 11 567 2626
Pacific: +60 3 7965 5392
Latin America: +55 11 5184 8722