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Getinge - Bio-Pharmaceutical Contamination Prevention Solutions

Getinge Infection Control is a world leader in contamination prevention, specialising in cleaning, ster-ilization and isolation technologies. Our focus is to provide innovative solutions that contribute to quality enhancement and cost efficiency in our client’s manufacturing processes. Our range of products and services cover a broad spectrum of applications within the bio-pharmaceutical production segment.

Contamination prevention systems from Getinge

Whether you are producing Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology Therapies, Medical Devices or Drug Delivery Systems, you will be aware of the need for the control of contamination in your facilities, production equipment and products.

During and after production, your quality assurance laboratory needs clean and sterile apparatus and materials to ensure time and money is not wasted in erroneous testing and monitoring.

Getinge Infection Control, a part of the Getinge Group of companies, manufactures and delivers solutions for all your contamination prevention needs in bio-pharmaceutical production applications, including, but not limited to:

  • API handling
  • Fill & finish operations, including: component and equipment cleaning & sterilization; stopper processing; and syringe tub decontamination
  • Terminal sterilization including: production logistics & optimization systems
  • Sterility testing
  • Utility supply
  • Reconstitution and formulation (hospital pharmacy)

Our products are distributed through our own network of more than 30 sales and service companies who support most major markets. Elsewhere we are represented by a network of more than 65 authorised agents and distributors. All our distribution channels provide rapid, professional service support and spare parts to keep our clients in operation.

Contact details:

Getinge Infection Control AB
PO Box 69
(visit: Ekebergsvägen 26)
310 44 Getinge
Tel: + 46 10 335 3000
Fax: +46 35 54 952