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Axol - Succeed with Axol Your Human Cell Culture Specialists

Axol specializes in human cell culture, including extensive expertise in cellular reprogramming and lineage-specific differentiation of iPS cells. We have a passion for great science, delivering postdoctoral level support and providing innovative future products to help our customers advance faster in their research. Whether you would like ready-made cells from our portfolio of cell types and disease backgrounds, or need a customized project tailored to your research, we are here for you.

Our custom services include iPS reprogramming, lineage-specific differentiation and genome editing using your patient samples. We have also developed optimized platforms for culturing iPS-derived cell types, with an initial focus on neural stem cells and neurons. This includes highly validated, human iPSC-derived cells and critical reagents such as media and growth supplements. By providing cells, xeno-free cell culture systems and dedicated, post-doctoral level support, Axol Bioscience is there every step of the way to facilitate your research.

iPS cell reprogramming and differentiation services; save valuable time generating cells!

Our custom services are flexible and designed specifically for your unique project. As part of our iPS reprogramming service, we use footprint-free technology to supply iPS cells from your donor patient fibroblasts or blood samples. We can then perform lineage-specific differentiation into specific cell types, for example, neural stem cells or neurons and provide these cells back to you to complete your experiments. Alternatively, as part of our differentiation service we can simply perform directed differentiation using your iPS cells. Clearly, by offloading the burden of generating cells your time is freed up to focus on the research.


Combining iPS cell technology with precision genome editing

The advent of CRISPR-Cas9 methods revolutionised genome editing; this efficient and powerful tool has been quickly adopted as a mainstream approach for genetic manipulation. By combining the versatile CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing system with iPS cell technology, we can generate isogenic cellular models using your desired, disease-relevant genetic modifications. These valuable in vitro models can then be used in a multitude of ways, including high-throughput screening for drug discovery and to increase understanding of disease pathogenesis in a molecular and cellular context. We can provide you with the modified iPS cells or you can use our differentiation service to receive differentiated cell types!


Xeno-free Cell Culture Systems for Neural Stem Cells and Neurons

Our xeno-free neural cell culture system has been designed to be flexible to accommodate your desired outcome; proliferation of your neural stem cell population, differentiation into neurons or differentiation into a mixed population of neurons and glia. All of the reagents in this system are fully defined, animal component-free thereby removing variability and improving consistency in your cultures. Our media and reagent formulations have been optimized based on recent neuroscience literature to reduce clumping and enable long term cultures. Our xeno-free system is ideal for use in many key neuroscience research areas including electrophysiology, neurite outgrowth/branching and long-term culturing.

"Off the shelf" cells from healthy and disease backgrounds

Whilst we can take your patient cells and generate iPSC lines as a service, we have also developed our own set of 'off the shelf' cells for use in disease modeling. Our expanding portfolio comprises patient-derived neural stem cells from numerous healthy and confirmed disease backgrounds. This allows you to perform your experiments using cells from a genetically relevant background for your disease of interest including Alzheimer's Disease and Huntington's Disease. We also have an increasing range of primary cells from multiple tissue types including astrocytes, dermal fibroblasts and haematopoietic stem cells. To support you with your cell culture we also provide optimized media, coating matrices and other essential reagents.

We focus on providing high quality, validated cells and reagents

Our cells and reagents have been validated using a variety of applications such as immunocytochemistry, multielectrode arrays and transcriptome arrays. We collaborate with industry experts in each field to ensure we get an independent evaluation of new products developed at Axol Innovation Labs. Moreover, we have dedicated QA staff to test every batch of our products to ensure an optimal performance. We believe it is important to be transparent with the results of our validation testing for the reagents we develop and sell to our customers. As a result, we make the data generated accessible through our website,


Commitment to innovation

One of the reasons we exist is that many researchers struggle to obtain good quality, reproducible and validated iPSC-derived cells. Rather than reproducing what other suppliers are doing, our company is grounded in cutting-edge, published science (Shi et al., Nature Neuroscience 2012, Shi et al., Nature Protocols 2012 and Shi et al., Science Translational Medicine 2012) and we continue to encourage a culture of innovation. We work tirelessly to optimize existing cellular models, culture media and reagents and generate new models for cell culture. This means that we can equip researchers across the globe with the best tools possible their human cell culture studies.

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