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APCER Life Sciences – Together for better health White Papers

APCER Life Sciences – Together for better health

Together to Minimize Risks - Meeting the Demand for Vigilance Whether marketing innovative new therapies, biosimilars, or generics, your company's adverse event (AE) reports are in demand. Responding to an expanding matrix of global reporting regulations has been the norm in pharmacovigilance for more than a decade. Even as profit margins shrink, your company must continually submit increasing volumes of AE cases and meet strict timelines to stay in compliance. Now, with increased transparency of safety information, regulatory systems are just the first stop for individual case safety reports (ICSRs).
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Together for Safer Therapies - A Model for Clinical Safety With profit margins and public trust declining across the life sciences sector, both the funding and the patients needed for clinical studies are becoming precious resources. Companies must gain insights from every data point obtained in every trial - and efficacy is only half of the equation for measuring health outcomes and potential returns.
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