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Animascope - Preclinical Imaging Services News

Animascope - Preclinical Imaging Services

ANIMASCOPE receives an EUREKA / EUROSTARS grant for the project ANIDIAG, in collaboration with IMMUNOCORE Soluble T Cell Receptors (TCRs) produced by Immunocore are able to target epitopes that cannot be reached by conventional monoclonal antibodies. While monoclonal antibodies have revolutionized the treatment of a range of diseases, their continued expansion is now limited by the lack of new protein targets. Antibodies target cell surface proteins, while the majority of disease-relevant proteins are either secreted (i.e. released from the cell) or remained within the cell (intracellular proteins). TCRs are able to actively target cells expressing. intracellular and secreted target proteins, opening up the ability to select a number of known, well validated and exceptionally clean targets.
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Animascope Announces its Merging with Spectroscan After a year of collaboration, the two companies have been involved in the development of a R&D project initiated by Animascope : ANITOX. This project aims to replace histopathology for toxicological studies by the use of CT scan. This project needs skills in imaging processing that meets Spectrosan engineer. In the same time Spectroscan was developping a very innovative CT scan machine (CRS) well designed for the ANITOX project. Because the size of the two companies, the complementary approach, even if the two companies address two different market, the men share the same vision and the same entrepreunership spirit, they decided to join their effort to build a more efficient company, together.
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Animascope and Cellvax to Collaborate on Added Value Services for Disease Animal Models in Therapeutic Areas with Unmet Medical Needs, Including Oncology and Other Severe Human Diseases Animascope is a provider of integrated contract research services in the field of pre-clinical, non-invasive biomedical imaging in vivo. Animascope's staff has more than ten years of expertise in using X-Ray CT, nuclear imaging (PET / SPECT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasonography and optic imaging techniques to study healthy and disease animal models in various therapeutic fields, including oncology, bones and cardiology.
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