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Commercial Services

By Almac

Through its Pharma Services Business Unit Almac provides commercial manufacturing and packaging of solid dosage forms in addition to commercial support services and 3PL (third party logistics) which incorporates the management of ordering, financial and distribution. In addition, it offers significant expertise managing the supply and distribution of product into the EU marketplace on behalf of US based companies.

Commercial Drug Product Manufacture
Almac has 40 years' experience in manufacturing solid, oral dosage forms. Scaling up from development services to full scale commercial supply or transferring existing commercial products Almac can meet all commercial manufacturing requirements.
Almac's range of commercial scale dry blending and wet granulation technology supports the manufacture of tablets, capsules and powders. With blend sizes from 10kgs up to 2.5 tons, Almac's range of state-of-the-art processing equipment can flex to the batch size requirements ensuring that products meet specifications.

Commercial Packaging
Almac offers a wide range of commercial packaging solutions to meet all needs, from initial artwork and pack design, to commercial packaging and distribution.
From its UK and US commercial packaging facilities, Almac is able to serve global markets and is MHRA and FDA licensed in addition to having been successfully inspected by global regulatory authorities.

Product Launch and Distribution
Almac's dedicated product supply team are experts in navigating market requirements and supporting client partners to successfully launch orphan / niche drug products. It has extensive practical experience of launching products into the marketplace and managing a multidisciplinary project team in quality, packaging design, regulatory and distribution, ensuring milestones are met and that market entry strategy is successful.

Commercial Storage and Distribution
Working with a select number of approved distribution partners, from express couriers through to dedicated pharmaceutical carriers specialising in temperature controlled road freight and air freight, Almac provides a range of customised distribution services; from large scale deliveries to wholesalers, to single unit distribution direct to pharmacies.