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ADVANCELL - Advanced Nanomedicine for Treatment of Unmet Medical Needs Case Studies

ADVANCELL - Advanced Nanomedicine for Treatment of Unmet Medical Needs

Exploratory Projects Other research being conducted is investigating biological molecules that could potentially use the Nanosystems technology to improve or enable their delivery through oral, dermal or nasal routes. The effective and patient-friendly delivery of these molecule classes is an important unmet need and offers significant market potential.
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Dermatology Case study: The importance of our technology for the dermatology field has been shown with the results obtained with a Cyclosporine formulation for the treatment of psoriasis. Cyclosporine is an immunosuppressant cyclic peptide, but its use has been restricted to the oral or parenteral routes due to the fact that it displays a bad absorption in skin when applied topically (using conventional formulations). However, ADVANCELL and the dermatological company ISDIN have reported positive results from a phase I/II clinical trial of a Cyclosporine formulation using Dermosome Technology® for the topical treatment of psoriasis [“Advancell and ISDIN developing Nanomedicines” Scrip, Not 3200, 3]
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