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ZACH - Innovation From Tradition ZACH - Zambon Chemicals is a leading European pharmaceutical chemical provider with two manufacturing sites at Lonigo/Italy (Veneto Region) and Avrillé/France (Western France). Headquarters is located in Northern Milan, Bresso, a total of 470 collaborators are dedicated to pharmaceutical chemistry.
Production & Manufacturing > Fine & Speciality Chemicals > Suppliers Zenatek - Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting Systems for Goods in Transit Zenatek has extensive management experience in the civil, military and logistical fields, as well as software programming and development. Zenatek supplies services to the IT sector which are used to track, monitor and report in real-time on pharmaceutical goods in transit.
Suppliers ZoBio - Tools for Fragment Based Drug Discovery ZoBio is an established, market leading supplier of an array of biophysical techniques to support modern drug discovery efforts.
Suppliers Zuellig Pharma Specialty Solutions Group - Regional Clinical Trials Management (CTM) Solutions Zuellig Pharma Specialty Solutions Group (SSG) is a pioneering regional consultancy and bio-logistic services division of Zuellig Pharma Asia Pacific. Strategically based in Singapore at the heart of Asia, SSG leverages Zuellig Pharma’s cutting-edge Regional Distribution Center (RDC) and pan-Asia coverage in 14 countries to provide customized, value-added bio-logistics for pharmaceutical, clinical trials, medical devices, diagnostics and other related companies.
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