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Deallus Group – Strategy Consulting for Life Sciences Deallus supports strategy development and decision making in life-science organisations around the world. We provide objective guidance which can be used with confidence at brand, franchise and corporate management levels within your business.
Suppliers DEC Group – Powder Handling Excellence Dec Group is a leading global provider of powder handling systems to the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries.
Contract Research & Services > Contract Services > Suppliers Delta 2000 - Architectural Solutions for Cleanrooms Delta2000 produce and install in all over the world modular walls, partitions, doors, suspended ceiling and accessories for white- room thanks to its experience and innovation. Delta 2000 has never considered reducing product's quality because we can only establish our international leadership by dedicating ourselves to greater customer satisfaction without compromises.
Production & Manufacturing > Manufacturing > Suppliers DIA - Global Forum for Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science DIA is a neutral, global, non-profit association that provides knowledge resources across the full spectrum of medical product development.
Regulatory Affairs > Suppliers Dila - Central Laboratory Services in Ukraine Qualified diagnostics is the basis for efficient treatment
Suppliers DOKUMEDS - Clinical Research and Development Services DOKUMEDS is full service European Clinical Research Organization providing a comprehensive range of services for clinical research and development to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices industry.
Suppliers Dow Pharma Solutions Dow 's innovative DESIGNED PARTICLE MORPHOLOGY (DPM) brings pharmaceutical companies new differentiated IP-protected products and improved manufacturing capability. Through significant improved flow, METHOCEL™ DC2 enabled by Dow's patented DPM Technology helps you enjoy the benefits of dry powder processing techniques while improving tablet quality and delivering the controlled release performance expected from the proven family of METHOCEL™ excipients.
Suppliers Dr. Paul Lohmann® - Mineral Salts Dr. Paul Lohmann GmbH KG is the world’s leading provider of high-purity mineral salts to the pharmaceutical, nutrition and dietary supplement industries. Our 125 years of manufacturing experience – combined with innovation and flexibility – enables us to respond rapidly to your changing needs. We provide customers with the broadest available portfolio of mineral salts, with more than 350 products and over 1,000 qualities, designed to provide optimum performance across a wide range of applications.
Production & Manufacturing > Fine & Speciality Chemicals > Suppliers DSM - Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Registered Intermediates DSM is fully aligned with the needs of pharma and biotech, offering committed partnerships that apply our broad technologies, exceptional facilities, and regulatory excellence to the manufacture of customers’ products.
Suppliers DVS Quality Solutions Limited - Electronic Proofreading Software for the Pharmaceutical Industry Formed in 2005 DVS Quality Solutions primary focus is to help ensure that packaging within regulated environments is fit for purpose in terms of content and specification. The products and services that we offer are to help ensure that clients packaging contains the correct information, and that there are no unwanted changes throughout the packaging development process.
Suppliers DWL - Delivering the translated word to pharmaceutical companies worldwide Established in 1962, DWL has 50 years of excellence in translation solutions. DWL's business has grown through a dedication and commitment to quality and service. This is acknowledged by our many long-standing clients and is most clearly demonstrated by their recommendation of DWL to others.
Suppliers ECLINSO – Connecting eClinical Solutions ECLINSO is an innovative provider of Clinical Technology solutions and support services to enhance the conduct of clinical trials globally. Its trialforce end-to-end platform is easy to deploy, accessible and scalable.
Contract Research & Services > Contract Research > Suppliers Eka - Spherical Silica Packing Material for APIs Kromasil is a high performance spherical silica packing material for analytical to industrial scale HPLC, and is available as bulk as well as in slurry-packed columns, from 2.1 mm up to 50 mm ID.
Suppliers Emball’iso - Temperature Controlled Packaging for Temperature Sensitive Transport Needs Emball’iso has specialised in Temperature controlled packaging for more than 22 years and designs, manufactures, tests, and qualifies isothermal packaging for payloads ranging from 1 litre to 3m³, including production of cold pack / briquettes, for the transport of thermolabile pharmaceutical products.
Contract Research & Services > Clinical Trials > Suppliers EMTEX - Medical Writing Services EMTEX is a compact, independent company that offers worldwide professional medical writing services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, food and medical device industry.
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