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Garvens - Pharmaceutical Checkweighing and Serialisation Solution Provider Mettler-Toledo Garvens GmbH has been a member of the METTLER TOLEDO group since 1986 and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of pharmaceutical dynamic weighing systems with a strong focus on the fulfilment of customer needs.
Automation > Laboratory Instrumentation > Suppliers GC-2 - Central Laboratory Solutions for Pharmaceutical Research and Development Precise, continually updated information is an essential element of the efficiency of the best products and services.
Suppliers GE Healthcare Imanet – An Imaging Solutions Business GE Healthcare Imanet is an imaging solutions business, who's core focus has been conducting exploratory phase positron emission tomography (PET) imaging studies to aid in drug development for the pharma industry since 2001.
Suppliers Gebrüder Lödige - A Centre of Excellence for Mixing, Granulating, Coating, Drying & Reacting Lödige supplies high-grade components, subsystems and services for technical processing applications in a wide range of industries, specializing in the fields of mixing, granulating, coating, drying and reaction. Their profound knowledge of processes, development and production enables them to contribute to the success of their partners throughout the world.
Production & Manufacturing > Process & Production > Suppliers Genetic Analysis - Molecular Diagnostics of Diseases Related to Gut Imbalances Genetic Analysis AS (GA) offers a DNA based comprehensive gut bacteria analysis and has the goal of being a leader within the field of molecular diagnostics of diseases related to gut imbalances.
Suppliers Genoma España - Applied Genomics and Biotechnology Innovation Genoma España was created in 2002 to improve the worldwide competitiveness of Spanish research on applied genomics.
Suppliers Geodis Wilson - Global Pharmaceutical Freight Management Services Geodis Wilson is a leading global freight management company. They manage sea and air cargo across five continents, making supply chains transparent and flexible to handle.
Suppliers Gerhard Schubert - We Pack Your Product Schubert is a flourishing medium-sized family firm employing a workforce of currently 900, which specializes in the supply of flexible packaging solutions.
Production & Manufacturing > Process & Production > Suppliers Getinge - Bio-Pharmaceutical Contamination Prevention Solutions Getinge Infection Control is a world leader in contamination prevention, specialising in cleaning, ster-ilization and isolation technologies. Our focus is to provide innovative solutions that contribute to quality enhancement and cost efficiency in our client’s manufacturing processes. Our range of products and services cover a broad spectrum of applications within the bio-pharmaceutical production segment.
Suppliers Gipharma - Quality and Flexibility in Lyophilized Parenterals Manufacturing Gipharma was established in 2003 as spin off of Nycomed Amersham Sorin S.r.l. and is located in the North-Western Italian town of Saluggia (VC), a small town between Turin and Milan. Gipharma is authorized to produce and release for Europe small volumes parenterals, liquid and lyophilized (commercial products and IMP)
Production & Manufacturing > Manufacturing > Suppliers Glycotope - Contract Manufacturer of Recombinant Proteins Glycotope Biotechnology offers GMP-compliant biotechnological contract manufacturing, based on animal cell culture systems in fed-batch or perfusion fermentation technologies. We are compliant with all criteria within the European Pharmaceutical legislation, the European Pharmacopoeia, as well as EU and ICH guidelines.
Production & Manufacturing > Manufacturing > Suppliers GOEBEL Instrumentelle Analytik - Complete Solutions in HPLC and UV/VIS Spectrophotometry GOEBEL Instrumentelle Analytik offers complete solutions in HPLC and UV/VIS Spectrophotometry.
Suppliers GoIndustry DoveBid - Industrial Asset Management, Auction and Valuation Services GoIndustry DoveBid plc is the global market leader in the provision of asset management, auction and valuation services relating to industrial equipment.
Suppliers Greater Copenhagen Greater Copenhagen is a metropolitan region that covers eastern Denmark and Skåne in southern Sweden.
Suppliers Greiner Bio-One - Development, Production and Distribution of Plastic Laboratory Equipment Greiner Bio-One GmbH is specialised in the development, production and distribution of plastic laboratory equipment.
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