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C3 Research Associates - Clinical Research Development and Management Group C3 Research Associates is a quality-focused clinical research development and management group supporting innovative biotechnology, medical device and pharmaceutical organizations, stewarding therapeutics from preclinical through phase IV drug development and successful market life cycle.
Suppliers Cafosa – Gum Base Supplier for Confectionery, Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Chewing Gums Cafosa is part of the Wrigley/Mars group of companies that are leading the chewing gum market supplying gum base for confectionery, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications.
Production & Manufacturing > Fine & Speciality Chemicals > Suppliers Cancer Research Technology (CRT) - Advancing Discoveries to Beat Cancer Cancer Research Technology Ltd (CRT) is the cancer-focused technology development and commercialisation arm of Cancer Research UK, the world's largest cancer charity.
Suppliers Capsugel - Where Global Reach Meets Innovation From assisting customers with formulation challenges to helping them bring innovative new products to market faster, the world-class people at Capsugel provide a unique combination of scientific, technological and global market expertise, delivering high-quality capsules and services at every step of the dosage form development process.
Production & Manufacturing > Fine & Speciality Chemicals > Suppliers Carinthian Tech Research (CTR) - Providing Intelligent Sensor Solutions to Life Science Manufacturers Carinthian Tech Research (CTR) is a reliable partner for industry-oriented research and development in the area of intelligent sensor systems and one of Austrians leading research competence centres.
Suppliers CCL Label - Global Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Packaging Solutions CCL Label is a Global Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare packaging. With 20 healthcare sites globally, we offer the expertise, trained personnel and dedicated production capabilities to ensure that your pharmaceutical/healthcare labelling is accurate, secure and meets all FDA requirements and current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
Suppliers CellGenix - High-Quality GMP Reagents for Clinical Ex Vivo Cell Culture CellGenix is an internationally leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality products in the expanding markets of cell therapy and regenerative medicine.
Suppliers CenterWatch - Your Source for Clinical Trials Information Since 1994, CenterWatch has been the recognised global leader in providing clinical trials information to a broad and influential spectrum of clinical research professionals ranging from top pharmaceutical companies and CROs to research sites and niche industry providers, as well as an engaged population of patients interested in clinical research and volunteering.
Contract Research & Services > Clinical Trials > Suppliers Centrical Global Limited - Global Clinical Trial Feasibility Centrical specialises in comprehensive, streamlined, industry-leading global clinical trial feasibility for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Detailed feasibility is a critical step to planning and conducting successful clinical trials in both single and multiple countries. Understanding local standards of care, drug importation and regulatory requirements are all essential to determining where to place a specific clinical trial.
Contract Research & Services > Clinical Trials > Suppliers Chemonaut - The World of Chemistry at Your Fingertips Chemonaut provides online compound sourcing and procurement services to life science companies.
Suppliers Chiral Technologies Worldwide - the Global Leader in Enantioselective Chromatography Chiral Technologies Worldwide, the global leader in enantioselective chromatography, serves pharmaceutical and other life science industries and offers the largest portfolio of chiral stationary phases (CSPs) and analytical and preparative chiral columns for the separation of racemic mixtures into single enantiomers.
Suppliers Clinical Trial Company - CRO Offering Project Management, Clinical Monitoring and Strategic Development Consultancy The Clinical Trial Company (TCTC) is a full service clinical contract research organisation (CRO) and was formed in the UK in 2002. As a full service CRO, TCTC specialises in clinical studies for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies.
Suppliers CluePoints - Intelligent Statistical Monitoring CluePoints® is a provider of Central Statistical Monitoring solutions that have been designed and perfected over the last 10 years. It employs unique statistical algorithms to determine the quality, accuracy and integrity of clinical trial data both during and after study conduct. Aligned with guidance from the FDA and EMA, CluePoints is deployed to support traditional on-site monitoring and can be implemented as the engine to drive a risk-based monitoring strategy.
Contract Research & Services > Clinical Trials > Suppliers Cmed Clinical Services - Early Phase Clinical Trial Specialists Cmed is a full-service, global contract research organisation that specialises in the design and delivery of early Phase I to IIb patient clinical trials. Cmed is increasingly being asked to deliver existing client’s phase III studies, as well as provide standalone solutions across all its services, including biometrics functional services.
Contract Research & Services > Clinical Trials > Suppliers Cobalt - Insight from Light Headquartered in Oxford, UK, Cobalt Light Systems provides technology to determine the chemical composition of a sample without opening the container or altering the sample. The company has developed a portfolio of unique instruments with applications in pharmaceutical quality control, at airport security check-points and in many areas of research & development.
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