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7PSolutions - Climate Control Solutions Products

7PSolutions - Climate Control Solutions

Independent Environmental and Security Monitoring The GL200-Tracker can be utilized as a standalone or multi-layer device for cargo embedment and tied with video if the vehicle is equipped with RouteWatch monitoring equipment or used to monitor facilities' environmental and security conditions. The GPS location functionality in combination with our Transport Environment Monitoring Systems™ (TEMS) monitors:
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RouteWatch Vehicle Security and Fleet Management GC075 or OBDII is a unique GSM, GPS communications unit which serves to monitor and secure vehicles. It is designed for covert mounting in the vehicle where it monitors: ignition on/off, quality of driving and other digital outputs, GPS position, direction, speed, driver ID, maintenance, movement and many other features customized to meet the individual business requirements of the client.
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Trailer Security and Inventory Management GL200-Tracker is a unique GPS|GSM tracking device which serves to track, secure and monitor assets, designed for independent overt and covert tracking. Hardwired into the running lights there is never a worry of loss of battery or operation. The application provides for:
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