Verax Biomedical Inc

Verax Biomedical Inc
148 Bartlett Street
United States of America
Phone: 1 508 7557029
Fax: 15-08-7558362

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Key Employees

James Lousararian

Chief Executive Officer, Senior Management

Nancy A. Hornbaker

Vice President - Regulatory Affairs, Senior Management

Joe R. Sanders

Senior Vice President - Marketing and Business Development, Senior Management

Paul Ragusa

Vice President - Finance and Administration, Senior Management

R. Scott McKenzie

Senior Vice President - Operations, Senior Management

Yli Remo Vallejo

Senior Vice President - Research and Development, Senior Management

Paul D. Mintz, MD

Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, Senior Management

Robert Pomorski

Vice President - Sales , Senior Management


148 Bartlett Street,
United States of America
Phone: 1 508 7557029
Fax: 1 508 7558362



  • PGD Technology
  • Platelet PGD Test
  • Red Cell PGD Test
  • Cell Therapy PGD Test