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BioDelivery Sciences International Inc Company Data Biofield Corporation Biofield Corporation is a medical technology company which is engaged in developing a device to detect breast cancer in a non-invasive procedure. It is headquartered in Pennsylvania, United States. Company Data BioForm Medical, Inc. BioForm Medical, Inc. (BioForm Medical), is a medical aesthetics company specialized in the development and marketing of products that are utilized by physicians to improve a patient’s appearance. Its flagship product includes Radiesse dermal filler. It is an injectable dermal filler developed by the company to offer long-lasting, cost-effective and safe aesthetic enhancements for patients. It focuses on R&D activities to develop and commercialize innovative products and technologies for strengthening its existing position in the market. The company has its operations in the US and Europe and it is headquartered in California, the US. In March 2009, the company launched two new product forms of Radiesse dermal filler, namely, the 1.5cc Radiesse Volume Advantage syringe and the 0.8cc Radiesse Moderate Fill syringe. These products will provide physicians with greater value and versatility through a less expensive way to use the long-lasting Radeisse dermal filler in patients with moderate lines. Company Data Biogen Inc Company Data BioImagene, Inc. (Inactive) Company Data Bioject Medical Technologies Inc (Inactive) Company Data Biolase, Inc. Company Data biolitec AG Company Data BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc Company Data Biomerica, Inc. Company Data bioMerieux SA Company Data Biomet Inc Company Data BioMimetic Therapeutics LLC Company Data Bionostics, Inc. Company Data Bionovo, Inc. (Inactive) Company Data Biophan Technologies, Inc. Company Data BioProtect Ltd Company Data BioQ Devices Pty Ltd Company Data Bioring SA (Inactive) Company Data BioSante Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Inactive) Company Data Biosensors International Group Ltd Company Data Biosite Incorporated (Inactive) Company Data BioSpecifics Technologies Corp Company Data BioSphere Medical Inc Company Data BioSyntech, Inc. (Inactive) Company Data Biotage AB Company Data Biotech Holdings Ltd. (Inactive) Company Data BioTech One Inc Company Data Biotest AG Company Data BioTex Inc Company Data
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